Robert EcclesRobert G. Eccles is a Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Said Business School, University of Oxford and a Visiting Lecturer at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a Professor at Harvard Business School and received tenure in 1989. He left in 1993 to work in the private sector and rejoined the Harvard faculty in 2007 from which he retired in 2016.

After receiving tenure, Professor Eccles began research on corporate reporting. He wrote the first book on integrated reporting, One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy (with Michael P. Kruz), which was the winner of the 2010 PROSE award in the category of Business, Finance, & Management. His most recent book published in November 2014 is The Integrated Reporting Movement: Meaning, Momentum, Motives, and Materiality (with Michael P. Krzus and Sydney Ribot). Eccles has also written extensively about sustainability from both a company and investor perspective, including in his column on where he is a regular contributor.

Eccles is Chairman of Arabesque Partners, the world’s first “ESG Quant” fund. He is also Chairman of KKS Advisors and is a member of the board of the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets at the Stockholm School of Economics. He was the founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and one of the founders of the International Integrated Reporting Council.

Dr. Eccles received an S.B. in Mathematics and an S.B. in Humanities and Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an A.M. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University.

Mollie PaMollie Painter-Morlandinter-Morland is a research scholar and academic entrepreneur whose professional endeavors span three continents and a variety of institutional settings. In her current roles as professor at Nottingham Business School and Africa Director of the Academy of Business in Society (ABIS), she combines intense research activity with practice-oriented leadership development as well as consulting. She serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Business and Professional Ethics Journal and as co-editor of Springer’s Issues in Business Ethics book series. From 2012 – March 2014 she was the Academic Director of ABIS, in which capacity she connected academics and corporates in pursuit of the creation of responsible and sustainable business practices.

After pursuing her PhD research at the Center for Business Ethics in Boston as a Fulbright scholar, she returned to South Africa to run an ethics center, which spearheaded ethics across the curriculum initiatives at the University of Pretoria. At the same time, she built a successful ethics management and corruption prevention consulting practice. She then moved to Chicago, where she worked as a tenured associate professor and associate director of the Institute of Business and Professional Ethics at DePaul University – an institution known for its service learning and ethics. She also continued to work as a consultant, providing expertise on the development of ethical cultures and professional ethics. Since her move to the UK about a year ago, her academic interests and professional activities have been focused on the development of responsible and sustainable leadership practices.


George SerafeimGeorge Serafeim is the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He has taught courses in the MBA and doctoral programs, chaired Executive Education programs, authored more than 100 articles, and presented his research in more than 100 conferences and seminars. He has spoken at major events in over 60 countries and is one of the most popular business authors.

Professor Serafeim’s research interests are international, focusing on corporate valuation, governance and reporting issues. His work has been published in the most prestigious academic and practitioner journals such as the The Accounting Review, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business StudiesReview of Accounting Studies, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Finance, Financial Analysts Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, and Harvard Business Review. His research is regularly cited in media outlets including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Economist.

Professor Serafeim has extensive experience as a senior adviser of investment managers and corporations and as a board member in both the non-profit and private sectors. He is a co-founder of KKS Advisors and an advisor to Calvert Investments. He serves on the advisory board of Arabesque, on the board of directors of the High Meadows Institute, on the working group of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism and on the Technical Review Committee of the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings. He was a member of the Standards Council of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

Professor Serafeim earned his doctorate in business administration at Harvard Business School. He received a master’s degree in accounting and finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

SandraSandra Waddock Waddock, DBA is Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.  She has published more than 100 papers and eleven books, and received the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award in Collaboration Research (CSSI Symposium and Partnership Resource Center, Erasmus U.), 2011 David L. Bradford Outstanding Educator Award (Organizational Behavior Teaching Society), 2005 Faculty Pioneer Award for External Impact (Aspen Institute), and the 2004 Sumner Marcus Award for Distinguished Service (Social Issues in Management, Academy of Management).

Current research interests are stewardship of the future, corporate responsibility, the problem of growth, wisdom, system change, management education, and intellectual shamans.  Her forthcoming book is Intellectual Shamans (Cambridge, in press 2015).  Other recent books include: Building the Responsible Enterprise with Andreas Rasche (2012), SEE Change:  Making the Transition to a Sustainable Enterprise Economy with Malcolm McIntosh (2011),  and The Difference Makers (2008, SIM Best Book Award, 2011).