forumIn September 2015, the High Meadows Institute launched an industry-only forum to explore how ESG factors can be more effectively integrated into mainstream investment management. As part of the Future of Capital Markets project, the goal of the forum is to bring together ESG representatives and asset managers from leading financial firms and companies to explore strategies and valuation models that can accelerate the integration of ESG factors in investment decision-making.

The forum is designed to be a platform for:

  • Candid conversation and peer sharing of insights on ESG integration challenges.
  • Developing an industry perspective on where the ESG field is headed and the value of current metrics for ESG integration.
  • Exploring industry-driven frameworks that can help improve comparability and consistency of ESG information material to value and accelerate integration of ESG factors into mainstream valuation systems.

The forum meets quarterly with ESG professionals and key target audiences within mainstream investment management.  If you are an asset management professional or investor relations officer in a company and are interested in learning more about participation in the forum, please click here.

Current members of the forum can visit our portal to access material including a schedule of our upcoming meetings.

Previous Forum research includes: