Working with our partners and advisors, the Institute conducts research and holds convenings to advance the role of business responsibility and leadership in society.  Our current program includes three fields of inquiry.

The 21st century governance challenge

  • Understand how globalization and capital-biased technological changes are impacting our economic and governance systems and the relationship between the public and private sectors.
  • Identify key systemic challenges resulting from these changes and explore the policy options for both public and private sector leadership in addressing them.

Redefining the bottom line for business

  • Understand the key challenges in the integration of corporate responsibility/sustainability in business strategy and practice.
  • Explore and support initiatives to address these challenges.

Redefining the role of business leadership in society

  • Map the range of initiatives promoting corporate leadership and engagement on social challenges and identify the lesson learned from this work.
  • Explore and support initiatives working to chart the future for business leadership and scale the contribution of business leadership in public-private partnerships.

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