Today’s boards are expected to play a more forward-looking strategic role that supports long-term performance. The findings from the recent research by HMI’s 21st Century Corporate Governance project found that boards are overburdened with compliance duties and are not playing a significant role in strategy. To explore this challenge further, HMI is partnering with CECP’s Strategic Investor Initiative and the Gupta Governance Institute at Drexel University to launch a study that will engage CEOs, directors and investors of public companies to obtain their perspective on the board’s role in strategy and how management can engage and support boards to play a more strategic role.

Our goal is to initiate a dialogue that will have a significant impact on how corporate boards can play a more value-added role in corporate strategy that will support long-term success and performance. Rather than a “blue ribbon” report, the outcome of this project will be practical steps in how to move governance forward.

Project Partners: