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We research and explore the essential
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Who We Are

High Meadows Institute is a Boston-based think tank and policy institute focused on the role of business leadership in creating a sustainable society.

Who we are

We are a Boston-based policy institute focused on strengthening the role of business leadership in creating a sustainable society.

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Our work

We conduct research, lead programs and develop frameworks to increase private sector contribution in addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

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Three key challenges in today’s global economic system underpin our work. Find out more about these challenges and how we are working to address them.

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Financial Times Moral Money Forum

The long-term view in a short-term world

The human and financial pressures Covid-19 has imposed mean that business and investment leaders have rarely been more aware of the potential trade-offs in trying to look beyond their next quarterly performance statement. And yet, there has also rarely been more momentum behind efforts to make business and investment more long-term focused.

The first FT Moral Money Forum report, co-sponsored by High Meadows Institute, focuses not just on the case for looking to a further horizon, but on the practical ways in which some long-term leaders are showing it can be done.

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Our Most Recent Projects

Business Leadership in Society Resource and Data Center

The Business Leadership in Society Resource and Data Center profiles leading industry and civil initiatives working to set standards for responsible business and address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

Corporate Governance For The 21St Century

As we move into the 21st century, the challenges facing corporate boards have grown dramatically.

Institutional Investor Industry Engagement Project

The IIIE Project is designed to accelerate sustainability practices within industries by improving communication between institutional investors concerned with sustainability...

The Future of Capital Markets Project

Capital markets and the financial sector are central to our global economy.

Our Most Recent Publications

Investor Stewardship: The Path Forward
The Role of Industry Associations and Civil Partnerships in Corporate Responsibility: Preliminary Findings
Reporting on Systemic Impacts: A Review of Current Progress
Corporate Governance for the 21st Century: Initial Report and Readings

Our Most Recent News and Briefings


The Six New Rules of Business: A Review

In a changing world, the old rules that governed business in the 20th century are no longer fit for purpose. Read our review of Judy Samuelson's new book, The Six New Rules of Business.


Rethinking What Drives Materiality

HMI Fellow Jon Lukomnik discusses how changing norms have redefined the process of “becoming material" and how the concept of "double materiality" contributes to understanding systemic risk.


Pandemic and political crises reveal new role and challenges for business

In the wake of the pandemic and political crises, what are the expectations for the new role of business in society? Here are four key challenges facing business leader.


Biden and ESG: How the new administration might shape the sustainability landscape

How might the Biden presidency impact the ESG agenda? Four ways, from climate change to regulation, that the new administration may shape the sustainability landscape.

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