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Who We Are

High Meadows Institute is a Boston-based think tank and policy institute focused on the role of business leadership in creating a sustainable society.

Who we are

We are a Boston-based policy institute focused on strengthening the role of business leadership in creating a sustainable society.

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Our work

We conduct research, lead programs and develop frameworks to increase private sector contribution in addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

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Three key challenges in today’s global economic system underpin our work. Find out more about these challenges and how we are working to address them.

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Financial Times Moral Money Forum

In partnership with High Meadows Institute

So you think you know your supply chain?

For all the sophistication of today’s international supply chains, a grave and ugly problem lurks in their darkest corners. As this report details, forced labor and other forms of worker abuse remain a shockingly common feature of the global economy.

The persistence of the problem, decades after multinational companies came under pressure to eliminate it from their supply chains, is a harsh reflection of their failure to do so. But other stakeholders have a powerful role to play, too.

Investors are starting to apply a welcome whip hand to corporate leaders who fail to take this issue seriously. Tough new laws and regulations have been coming into force – and some national authorities are becoming increasingly energetic when it comes to enforcing them.

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Our Most Recent Projects and Resources

ESG Reporting Standards and Frameworks Tracker

ESG reporting standards and frameworks are a constantly evolving space. Explore the development of ESG frameworks over time and track recent updates in the ESG reporting landscape.

The Future of Capital Markets Project

The Future of Capital Markets Project commissions research and leads initiatives working on the challenge of developing principles and practices to support a sustainable capital market system.

Beyond ESG: The Role for Business in Collaborative Governance

Beyond ESG brings together corporate leaders and partners to explore the role for the private sector in 21st century governance.

Corporate Responsibility Research Project

The Corporate Responsibility Research Project is a three-year program designed to help chart the path forward for corporate responsibility and leadership in 21st century society.

Our Most Recent Publications

Sustainability in Capital Markets: ESG Integration and Impact
21st Century Business Leadership and the Rise of Corporate Activism
Beyond ESG: The Role of Business in Collaborative Governance
The Future of the "S" in ESG

Our Most Recent News and Briefings


From ESG Integration (Sustainable Finance 2.0) to Impact (Sustainable Finance 3.0)

HMI President & CEO Chris Pinney tracks the evolution of sustainable finance and introduces our latest report, Sustainability in Capital Markets: ESG Integration and Impact.


Accountable Sustainability

Steve Lydenberg of The Investment Integration Project explores how the creation of the ISSB paves the way for greater sustainability accountability and new standards for social and environmental data disclosure.


Mobilizing a Just Climate Transition – Emerging Topics for Investors

Our latest briefing notes examines emerging topics for investors as they navigate the evolving climate transition space against a backdrop of cross-sectoral collaboration, justice, and regeneration.


Beyond ESG: Corporate Activism and Moral Leadership

HMI President & CEO Chris Pinney looks at the new ways business leaders are stepping up to moral and political challenges of the 21st century and where they still need to go.


Publications from Our Fellows

Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory: Investing That Matters

Jon Lukomnik and James P. Hawley offer a bold critique of Modern Portfolio Theory and propose a new imperative to improve finance’s ability to fulfill its twin main purposes: providing adequate returns to individuals and directing capital to where it is needed in the economy.

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21st Century Investing: Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change 

William Burckart and Steve Lydenberg explore how investment has evolved since the 20th century and how institutions and individuals can go beyond conventional and sustainable investing to address complex problems such as income inequality and climate change on a deep, systemic level.

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