Current Projects

Business Leadership in Society Resource and Data Center

The Business Leadership in Society Resource and Data Center profiles leading industry and civil initiatives working to set standards for responsible business and address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

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Institutional Investor Industry Engagement Project (IIIE)

The IIIE Project is designed to accelerate sustainability practices within industries by improving communication between institutional investors concerned with sustainability...

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Investment Industry Leaders Forum

The Investment Industry Leadership Forum is a Chatham house rules industry-only forum for investment managers and sustainability leaders within asset management.

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The Future of Capital Markets

Capital markets and the financial sector are central to our global economy. Globalization has brought many positive outcomes, including reducing poverty and enabling a better standard of...

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Corporate Governance for the 21st Century

As we move into the 21st century, the challenges facing corporate boards have grown dramatically. From expectations for board engagement and oversight of ESG to cybersecurity, boards...

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Past Projects

Income Inequality Research Project

In 2015, we produced a paper on income inequality which was published in the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. Our research sought to better understand the drivers behind...

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