What we believe

Our Mission

To increase the contribution of business leadership in addressing the complex environmental and societal challenges of the 21st century.

Shared direction

Our Vision

A vibrant 21st century society in which the private sector plays a leading role in enabling economic and social progress for all.

Our Values

Our values represent the shared ideals that bind us and guide our work. We value:

Facts over opinions

The truth is paramount; our work will always be informed by the latest research from experts, specialists and leading academics.

Impact over theory

We strive for our work to do more than theorize; we exist to inspire and stimulate meaningful action for positive change. 

Thoughtfulness over dogma

The accepted way is not always the best way; we draw on intelligent and novel ideas to challenge established but outdated principles.

Courage over compliance

New concepts require daring; we must lean into discomfort as we explore alternatives to the status quo.

What we strive for

Our Goals

  • To understand and promote the values, principles and practices for responsible business leadership in a global society.
  • To explore new opportunities for private sector contributions to global governance.
  • To develop new partnership models that unlock private sector resources to protect the global commons and support the delivery of public goods and services.