Our Organizational Roots

High Meadows Institute is a Boston-based think tank and policy institute focused on the role of business leadership in creating a sustainable society.

Founded in 2013 by a small group of senior business leaders from the private and nonprofit sectors, the Institute works in close partnership with thought leaders, academic and business leadership organizations and other policy institutes to drive positive change.

Our perspective

In a globalized society, the social contract that served nation states for much of the 20th century is failing. Corporations now have significant influence on society and control access to many key resources, while many governments find themselves without the financial or human capital they need to provide effective leadership.

With megatrends such as climate change, digital technologies and shifting demographics affecting the way we do business, we urgently need bold and transformative action. At High Meadows Institute, we envision a move to a collaborative governance model where governments, businesses and civil society work together in new ways to share responsibility for social and economic progress.

We believe the private sector is crucial to this task, and we focus on inspiring and equipping businesses to show greater leadership in addressing global challenges.