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Podcast: Outside In with Jon Lukomnik

LISTEN: President & CEO Chris Pinney joins the Outside In podcast with Jon Lukomnik to discuss the changing role of business in society and the challenges for 21st century business leadership.

White & Case 2021 Annual Review: Institutional investors take the long view on sustainability

READ: In an interview with White & Case, HMI President Chris Pinney discusses the shifting roles of government and business, and the need to move beyond policies and procedures to focus on impact.

FT Moral Money Summit: Americas Edition

WATCH: HMI President Chris Pinney joins a panel, "Creating partnerships between business and financiers," to discuss practical solutions for corporations and investors to build back better post-Covid.

ESG trend is bypassing most of the global capital market, and that’s bad news for sustainability

READ: In an opinion piece in The Globe and Mail, HMI President Chris Pinney and Advisor Ed Waitzer explore why meaningful progress on sustainability issues cannot be achieved without ESG integration across all asset classes.

FT Outstanding Directors Exchange (ODX): New Models of Corporate Governance

WATCH: HMI President Chris Pinney joins a panel to discuss implications for corporate governance in an environment where firms are now being looked to as “social institutions,” sharing with governments the responsibility to ensure elements of social welfare and well-being.

FT Global Moral Money Summit: The New Framework for Global Governance

WATCH: HMI President Chris Pinney joins a panel to discuss a new global framework and the role of business in global governance and the setting industry ESG standards.

FT Global Boardroom: Responsible Business in the Age of COVID-19

READ: Highlights from the panel discussion featuring HMI President Chris Pinney that explores how corporations can balance purpose and profits during the COVID-19 crisis.

Webinar: Spotlight on the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance: Sustainable Finance Management

WATCH: HMI President Chris Pinney shares insights on ESG data, value creation and the state of play on sustainability in the capital markets.

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Widening Our View of ESG Investing

READ: HMI President Chris Pinney suggests two strategies that can create greater environmental, social, and governance change than divestment while improving investment returns.

Pensions & Investments: Fighting climate change with active engagement

READ: In the wake of shifting U.S. climate policy, HMI President Chris Pinney explores how investors can promote climate action through ESG integration and engagement.

Press Releases

Banks and their boards need a more strategic approach to responding to societal issues

Leaders of global corporations and financial institutions are facing heightened expectations to play a role in addressing a wide range of social, political, and
environmental challenges, including climate change, racial justice and equity, geopolitics, and politically sensitive issues.

New report shows stewardship emerging as a central concept in ESG investing

A new study released by High Meadows Institute, Investor Stewardship: The Path Forward, finds that stewardship has emerged as a central concept in ESG investing and is expected to become a priority for major investors going forward as the need to manage social and environmental risks become increasingly vital.

New study shows global initiatives now set the standards for ESG and Corporate Responsibility

A new study released by High Meadows Institute, The Role of Industry Associations and Civil Partnerships in Corporate Responsibility, finds that industry associations and civil partnerships are now playing a critical role in setting standards for corporate responsibility and ESG, often addressing issues that government have not.

High Meadows Institute launches database of global corporate responsibility initiatives

High Meadows Institute is excited to announce the launch of the Business Leadership in Society Database, a comprehensive new resource for tracking and assessing industry associations and partnerships promoting responsible business leadership.