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Laura Kramer

Incorporating ESG Considerations into Engagement Practices

Most of the discussion around environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is about screening out companies that don’t fit specific ESG criteria. But investors who take this approach are missing an opportunity to drive change by engaging directly with companies and pushing for improved sustainability practices. The High Meadows Institute recently published a report that explores the different ways investors can engage with companies and provide evidence that shareholder engagement really works — in terms of both profit and ethics. For the purpose of this report, we examined both private and public engagement practices. Private engagement is the route used most often…

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Deutsche Bank ESG Investing Conference 2016

Earlier this month, High Meadows Institute President Chris Pinney joined colleagues in the corporate and financial sectors to discuss the complexities of climate risk and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. Deutsche Bank held its first annual ESG Investing Conference in Boston on November 1st to address the growing impacts climate change and short-termism have on businesses and investors. Hard hitting topics that were discussed throughout the day included the opportunities ESG integration presents investors in uncertain times, what the transition to a clean energy economy could look like for companies and communities, and what the ESG investment space is…

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Business Leadership Tackling Big Challenges

Education, housing, healthcare, and transportation. These are the four top challenges the Alliance for Business Leadership attempted to solve during last Monday’s Leader Lab. The conference was the first in a series of convenings of progressive civic and business leaders set on finding solutions to the key issues effecting cities throughout Massachusetts. High Meadows Institute staff and a board member participated in the brainstorming sessions on all four challenges and found the following recurring themes emerged from the discussions. Increasing business participation in tackling these challenges is crucial. Governments and communities cannot do it alone. Business would benefit financially from improvements…

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