The Corporate Responsibility Research Project is a three-year program designed to help chart the path forward for corporate responsibility and leadership in 21st century society. The project has three main goals:

  • To contribute to mapping the future for corporate responsibility and leadership as the role of business in society transforms and business becomes a “political” actor and a key player in protecting the public interest and ensuring social well-being
  • To provide platforms for dialogue among public policymakers, corporate practitioners, academics, unions and public interest organizations on fundamental issues and theories underlying corporate governance and regulation, working with partners such as the Financial Times
  • To make recommendations to corporate and public policymakers on ways to strengthen both state and civil regulation and create better synergy between them.

HMI is grateful for the contribution of the Advisory Board for this project in the development of this discussion paper. Current advisors include:

Jonathan Day – Chief Executive of Tapestry Networks and advisor to chairmen, CEOs and heads of major government agencies

Emily Chew – Global Head of Sustainability for Investment Management at Morgan Stanley

Bob Eccles – Visiting Professor of Management Practice at Saïd Business School, Oxford University and one of the world’s foremost experts on integrated reporting and how companies and investors can create sustainable strategies

Michelle Edkins – Managing Director, Global Head of BlackRock’s Investment Stewardship team

Carl Ferenbach – Chairman & co-founder of High Meadows Foundation and High Meadows Fund

Jane Nelson – Director of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School and co- author of Corporate Responsibility Coalitions

Martin Reeves – Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, BCG’s think tank on new approaches to strategy and management, and a member of the BCG Henderson Institute’s Innovation Sounding Board, which is dedicated to supporting, inspiring and guiding upstream innovation at BCG

George Serafeim – Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and global authority on measuring, driving and communicating corporate performance and social impact

Ed Waitzer – Senior Partner and Head of the Corporate Governance Group at Stikeman Elliott and Jarislowsky Dimma Mooney Chair in Corporate Governance at Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business at York University

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The 21st century has brought with it profound challenges to our systems of governance. Governing and managing the transition from an extractive-consumptive economic model to a sustainable-regenerative model will require extraordinary leadership from all sectors of society and nowhere is leadership more critical than from the private sector. Beyond ESG will explore four key roles for the private sector in 21st century governance and the challenges they pose for corporate leaders. These include: Moral leadership, Self-regulation, Delivery of public good and services, and Business model transformation.

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Business Leadership in Society Resource and Data Center

The Business Leadership in Society Resource and Data Center is a comprehensive platform for tracking and assessing the impact of industry and multi-stakeholder initiatives working on promoting and supporting business leadership and responsibility in society. The goal of this platform is to explore perspectives and insights into the current state of play and best practices in the evolution of these initiatives to assess their relative reach and impact. It can be used as a resource for businesses and business leaders looking for opportunities to increase their responsible business practices.

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