Chris Pinney

President & CEO

Chris Pinney is High Meadows Institute’s President & CEO. The Boston-based Institute was established in 2013 by a group of business leaders to explore the role of business leadership in a social contract that can ensure continued economic and social progress in a global economy and society. Chris brings to the Institute over twenty-five years of experience working with C-suite executives nationally and internationally on this issue. As president of HMI, Chris has led the development of the Institute’s Future of Capital Markets project, which brings together leaders in financial markets in initiatives designed to develop and support a sustainable capital market system equal to the challenges and expectations of the 21st century.

Prior to the Institute, Chris was President at the Alliance for Business Leadership, a non-partisan alliance of CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors and a Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, where he led the development of the Business and Society Leaders Forum.

Previously, Chris was Director of Research and Policy and Executive Education at Boston College Carroll School of Management’s Center for Corporate Citizenship, where he worked with Global 500 companies on corporate strategy and sustainability. He was the architect of the Center’s Corporate Citizenship Management Framework and designed and taught a foundation course for the MBA program on corporate citizenship and business strategy.

Prior to joining Boston College, Chris was Director of the Imagine program, a Canadian initiative that brought together Canada’s leading CEOs and over 600 companies in an initiative to define an expanded role for business leadership in Canada based around a set of sustainable business principles and commitments. Chris also served as Vice President at the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy.

Chris has an extensive background in international and community development serving as Vice President of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation and Chair of the Brussels-based International Council for Development Action.

Chris has a BA (Hons) from McGill University and is an RSA Fellow.

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