Don Chew

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance

Don Chew is the founding editor and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance (JACF), a publication he started almost 30 years ago. The JACF is a quarterly publication that communicates the practical import of the best current research in corporate finance, conducted mainly at leading universities. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between finance academics and industry practitioners, the target audience, with the aim of increasing corporate managers’ understanding of financial markets. The JACF was acquired by Morgan Stanley in 2004, where Don worked until 2013.

Before joining Morgan Stanley, Don was one of the founding partners of Stern Stewart and Co., a New York-based corporate finance advisory firm started in 1982 that is best known for popularizing a measure of corporate performance called EVA. He has published over ten books on corporate finance, including The New Corporate Finance: Where Theory Meets Practice and (with Joel Stern) The Revolution in Corporate Finance, which are both widely used in business schools throughout the United States and Europe. Don has both a Ph.D. in English and an MBA in finance from the University of Rochester.

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