Steve Lydenberg

Partner, Strategic Vision, Domini Impact Investments

Steve Lydenberg is Partner, Strategic Vision for Domini Impact Investments LLC. For over three decades, he has been active in responsible investment with the Council on Economic Priorities, Trillium Asset Management and KLD Research & Analytics. He is author of numerous articles on responsible investment including “Reason, Rationality and Fiduciary Duty” (Journal of Business Ethics) and “On Materiality and Sustainability: The Value of Disclosure in the Capital Markets” (Initiative for Responsible Investment).

He is also author and co-author of several books on responsible investment including Corporations and the Public Interest (Berrett-Koehler) and Dilemmas in Responsible Investment (Greenleaf). He is the Founding Director of the Initiative for Responsible Investment and serves on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s Metric Advisory Board. He holds a Certified Financial Analysts charter and a Masters of Fine Arts from Cornell University.

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