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Business leadership in society

Business Leadership Tackling Big Challenges

By March 28, 2016August 11th, 2022No Comments

Education, housing, healthcare, and transportation.

These are the four top challenges the Alliance for Business Leadership attempted to solve during last Monday’s Leader Lab. The conference was the first in a series of convenings of progressive civic and business leaders set on finding solutions to the key issues effecting cities throughout Massachusetts. High Meadows Institute staff and a board member participated in the brainstorming sessions on all four challenges and found the following recurring themes emerged from the discussions.

  • Increasing business participation in tackling these challenges is crucial. Governments and communities cannot do it alone.
  • Business would benefit financially from improvements on these social issues. A healthier, safer workforce means businesses can be more productive and innovative.
  • All players are concerned about the economy. Whether it’s financial insecurity, income inequality, or the lack of social mobility, economic concerns are top of mind for all.
  • Current public-private partnerships models are generally missing the community component. Without including the voice of the communities impacted by these projects, public-private partnerships will likely continue to be ineffective at increasing economic prosperity.

The conference closed with representatives of local and state government pleading with business to be a more persuasive voice for increased economic development. By focusing on education, health and infrastructure, an alliance between business, government and communities is what will create more economic growth for all.