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Banks and their boards need a more strategic approach to responding to societal issues

Leaders of global corporations and financial institutions are facing heightened expectations to play a role in addressing a wide range of social, political, and environmental challenges, including climate change, racial justice and equity, geopolitics, and politically sensitive issues. The largest global banks, whose systemic importance has garnered the attention of regulators and activists, face particular scrutiny.

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HMI launches database of global corporate responsibility initiatives

BOSTON – High Meadows Institute is excited to announce the launch of the Business Leadership in Society Database, a comprehensive new resource for tracking and assessing industry associations and partnerships promoting responsible business leadership. Developed by High Meadow Institute, with support from KKS Advisors, the database profiles over 200 initiatives, operating both nationally and globally and will officially launch June 3. Self-regulatory initiatives that address major Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have become an increasingly important contributor in setting standards for corporate social responsibility in the 21st century. While the number of these initiatives is rapidly growing, there is…

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