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HMI launches database of global corporate responsibility initiatives

By June 2, 2020June 9th, 2020No Comments

BOSTON – High Meadows Institute is excited to announce the launch of the Business Leadership in Society Database, a comprehensive new resource for tracking and assessing industry associations and partnerships promoting responsible business leadership. Developed by High Meadow Institute, with support from KKS Advisors, the database profiles over 200 initiatives, operating both nationally and globally and will officially launch June 3.

Self-regulatory initiatives that address major Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have become an increasingly important contributor in setting standards for corporate social responsibility in the 21st century. While the number of these initiatives is rapidly growing, there is currently no central resource for tracking them or understanding their relative impact and effectiveness.

The Business Leadership in Society (BLIS) Database responds to this challenge by creating a centralized platform for cataloging and evaluating leading industry and multi-stakeholder initiatives working on corporate responsibility. Based on publicly available data, its purpose is to provide investors, business leaders and academics with easy access to information on collaborative initiatives working on corporate responsibility and sustainability issues relevant to their industry or interests. By increasing the access to these initiatives, High Meadows Institute and its partners seek to advance the work undertaken by each initiative individually and collectively.

“HMI is issuing light on one of the least appreciated mechanisms, industry associations, to drive sustainable business practices,” said George Serafeim, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. “Our economy needs more collaboration to accelerate rates of innovation to solve our most pressing challenges and industry associations are well positioned to create the conditions for sharing best practices and building cooperation.”

The database will be continually updated and expanded as additional information on existing and new initiatives becomes available. It can be found on HMI’s website at

High Meadows Institute is a Boston-based think tank and policy institute focused on the role of business leadership in creating a sustainable society. Founded in 2013, HMI’s mission is to increase the contribution of business leadership in addressing complex environmental and societal challenges, working in close partnership with thought leaders, academic and business leadership organizations and other policy institutes to drive positive change.